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We love the freedom, the family time, exploring the world, being financially independent and making a living out of our passions.Over the years, we have learned a lot about chasing our dreams and how to live the life we always dreamed of! We want to share all of our tips and tricks here on Rakhdoo Family!




All our tours are in India so we travel in bus or train.As our group is very large, we usually travel by bus.Traveling with a group in a bus can be thoroughly enjoyed every moments.

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Other Travel agency will give you the cheapest prices for different dates and destinations.The easiest way to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible is to use an aggregator site like RakhdooFamily.


We keep visiting all places throughout the tour.But we also take you to places worth seeing nearby.In this way, our Rakhdoo family team also gives surprises in entire journey.


While traveling by bus many times in India, the journey becomes very long.So many times we also arrange travel in plane.We try to make the entire tour affordable.


We take bookings in advance for famous restaurants in visting places.OR We take the cook with us.So everyone gets good food.


We take bookings in advance for famous hotel for rest in visting places.



  • When we met to get the trip documents, They gave us a lot of good insight and tips as they had been to same site.No surprises and the whole trip went very smooth. The week at the site was the best vacation we had ever had. They gave us them cell number in case we had any problems.

    Nirav Patel
  • This was my first using a travel agency and let me tell you the experience I had with Family was best in class from the beginning to the end.Everything was thoroughly laid out, They answered all my questions, them follow-up great, and very detailed oriented. we didn't have to wait for anything and all our reservations was clearly identified. We will be using this travel agency again for any trip we have going forward.

    Mili Patel
  • Awesome trip!! Agency did a fantastic job planning our trip! They specializes in Trip and has many years of experience visiting as well as living there themself. They maximized all our time. Every detail was arranged for us with the best of drivers, tour guides, and hotels. I really trust Travel Agency and would certainly seek them advise again.

    Neel Patel



Jaisalmer Tourism

There are many well-known sand dune sites where you can enjoy a thrilling camel ride into the desert.A visit to the Jaisalmer Fort is something that you will find in every Jaisalmer itinerary.

20th Oct,2021

Goa Tourism

Paradise Island of Goa is about the largest marine island in India.This Paradise Island Goa trip enables you to enjoy the wild natural beauty of this region.The beach of Goa is very beautiful.

20th Oct,2021



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